Panic time!



OK, so there are these tweets:

I highly doubt she was choking up due to too much joy and happiness… I have a bad feeling it’s Garrus dying. Maybe Shepard (though they’ll probably leave Shepard’s fate up to the player). The question is is the death optional. On the one hand, Garrus is a very popular character (to put it mildly :D), so they know that killing him off would piss off a lot of people, but on the other hand, precisely because he’s so popular they might want to give him a big, dramatic death to solidify his iconic status (we all know that a tragic death is the classic lazy way of upping a character’s awesomeness level).

I guess it’s positive Garrus at least gets to stick around long enough to even be in the last scene… And, you know, it might just be a touching, death-free scene or something. But mostly I’m just bummed out. D:

oh god

no no no no no no ;_;

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